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Empowerment Coach

Incorporating NLP, CBT, DBT and Hypnotherapy

Tel: 07872 894568

All calls responded to within 24 hours

A very warm welcome to the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life.


Like most people, I have faced my fair share of challenges in life but absolutely know that it is possible to progress from any situation or achieve what you aspire to with the right mindset and support.


I have always been driven to improve myself and it was with the same determination and aptitude that I was able to pull myself out of a very dark time and completely turn my life around, personally and professionally. These life experiences led me here, to helping you to bring about the desired change in your life and it is something I am extremely passionate about.


As well as being an IAPC&M Accredited Level 5 Elite Coach & Hypnotherapist, I have nine years experience teaching children both in mainstream and special educational needs.  My professional life, and motherhood, have given me a wide range of skills, from time management, problem-solving, and organisation to communication and motivation. Skills I can now pass on to you.


I am an extremely empathetic person and consider myself to be caring, approachable and encouraging. I combine these qualities with my knowledge, experience and training to provide you with a professional and personally tailored service in order for you to reach your aims and goals.


I provide a safe space for you to share your concerns and vision for your future self. I am committed to making you feel heard and valued, to guiding you towards insight and clarity, and to support you in discovering the steps required to remove barriers and achieve your desired results.  


However stuck you feel right now, I can help you write a new story and move forward.

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